About the Stations

Affection Stations instigate a paradigm shift on the relationships we have with our electronic devices. By transcoding their imperceptible nature into our perceptual level of reality — becoming visible, physical, and tangible.

The Affection Stations incite the designing of electronic residuals, being productive with it, designing the incidental sound, designing noise. They are for the public. They are a means to poetically inform our generation and of those to come, of the materiality of our time. They are a means to express the possibilities of new relationships with our devices — a paradigm shift on how they are constructed physically and computationally. They embrace the inevitable electromagnetic spectrum, and poetically unveil a critical realm for design to take hold. They allow us to accept that our devices are more organic and unique than we believe, and proposes a new level of digital transparency which may inform the social development and interactions between humans and computers.

Wind Tunnel Gallery, installation drawing

wind tunnel installation diagram