With the hidden agenda of exposing Animism, through affection, through noise; the Affection Stations and The Signal Archive poetically explore idiosyncratic possibilities of future and near future relationships with devices that already redefine and challenge human-computer interaction. The benefits of exploring animism exposes the potential for objects with rich and varied behavior, and enables us to embrace complex situations. The stations, and their complex source of electromagnetic noise, expresses the potential of animism through simple handles despite their ambiguity or life-inspired scenarios. In no way does the Affection Research Lab and its projects state that our devices should be alive, or bestowed with artificial intelligence; but rather proposes a model of thinking that leverages the notion of life without seeking it. Proposing not to design our devices to be alive, that would be too literal, but design our devices because we are. Perhaps harnessing the electromagnetic spectrum, the true nature of electronic devices, is a way of developing this model of thought. Particularly in the realm of sonic interaction: perhaps moving away from the user- centered approach, or the task-oriented approach might serve to develop systems and devices that harness more affective or metaphysical models for more meaningful relationships and experiences with our technology and with one another.