Contact & Acknowledgements

The Affection Research Lab is a mission led by designer, artist, and technologist; Salvador Orara. For more information regarding the Affection Research Lab, Affection Stations, or The Signal Archive; if you’re interested in installations, screenings, or performances — please contact him through the following channels:

This project is in fulfillment of 2012 MFA Thesis at Media Design Practices + Lab, at Art Center College of Design. The project took many forms through the course of its development, where at one point the project was referred to as “Oracle Stations.” This version of the project, “Oracle Stations” was Kickstarted and funded by the following backers: Joseph Dodd, Hans U. Allemann, Donald Dodd, Philip van Allen, Bora Shin, Kjen Wilkens, Jayne Vidheecharoen, Neil Egan, Chandler, Brooklyn Brown, John Ryan, Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, Walter de la Vega, Lauretta Dodd, Jeffery Harvey, Andrew Nagata, Tanner Teale, Matthew Manos, and Jakob Opara.

Thank You: Thanks to the Faculty and Staff at Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design, especially: Philip van Allen, Elise Co, Mike Milley, Casey Anderson, Shannon Herbert, and Kevin Wingate. Thanks to all the students especially: Jisu Choi, Annie Needham, Mike Manalo, Buddy Bojorquez, Tanner Teale, Andrew Nagata, John Ryan, Sungwoo Han, and Eric Battin. Thanks to my family: Christina, Christopher, and Michael.

Salvador Orara is a creative technologist and cross disciplinary designer whose work encompasses strategy, design, science, and technology. His projects range from traditional print, web design and development, brand strategies, tangible and intangible interaction, experience design, information architecture, sonic interaction and sonification. His current work involves producing highly aesthetic forms of communication to reveal the potential in the small inevitabilities of our technological everyday. These aesthetic forms are a means to provoke conversations and instigate paradigm shifts on technology, interaction, and design. He does this through design oriented research and poetic anthropology.

Master of Fine Arts, Media Design Practices Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. 2012

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design The University of Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2005

  • Lead Advisor: Philip Van Allen
  • Writing Advisor: Shannon Herbert
  • Thesis Committee: Elise Co and Mike Milley, with Casey Anderson and Norman Klein
  • Department Chair: Anne Burdick